On-the-Go in Chicago

Posted on August 2, 2012


This project was intended to discover the type of person (if a specific one exists) that is motivated to go out and exercise. I discovered that there is a huge range of people, participating in many activities. On the lakefront trail especially, one could find anything from fitness buffs training for races to an elderly couple out for a walk. You could see focused people, plugged into their iPods and zooming down the trail, or friends running side-by-side. There were all sorts of games, competitive and casual, from a relaxed round of golf to a heated soccer match. The huge commonality I discovered was the enjoyment in each activity. Though it’s not clearly visible in moments of extreme exertion, the love of exercise and activity motivates everyone to do what they do.

Shooting Around

Shooting Around

Iron Man and a Half

Built to Last

Family Time

Flyin’ Solo

Bump, Set, Spike







Here’s the Wind Up, and…

Cooling Off

Time to Relax

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