Fashion Trends in different Chicago Neighborhoods

Posted on August 2, 2012


Danielle: Devon Street and Lincoln Sqaure

Devon Street 

Devon Street

Lincoln Square



For the photo essay project, my group chose to document the fashion styles among the various areas in Chicago. My first thought to this project was that it was going to be easy; however it was in fact the opposite. The past few weeks, each member in my group had to challenge themselves to go into an outside environment, take a picture of a stranger, and mentally prepare themselves to face rejection. This was the first time I had ever done something like that in my life. My initial reaction was that this experience was horrible. I hated the rude response I got from some people and I actually considered doing a new topic. However, once I overcame this challenge and prepared myself for rejection it wasn’t that bad. The areas I went to for this project were Chinatown, Downtown, Devon Street, Lincoln Square, and West Rogers Park. I noticed a trend: most ethnic neighborhoods I went to were not welcoming towards a newcomer with a camera. The worst was my own neighborhood, West Rogers Park. I tried to take a few picture of the Jewish traditional outfits but whenever I approached them I was ignored. I was not that surprised because usually Jewish people in my area are not that friendly. I went to Devon Street next which is a predominately Indian and Pakistani Area. It was a little better because it is a more tourist area. Also, they display their fashion through the store windows unlike Chinatown so it is easier to take a picture. My experience at Devon was more pleasant than my own area. The easiest place that I took pictures at was Lincoln Square. The people at Lincoln Square displayed mostly a “hipster” fashion trend. This style was very colorful and laid back. It also reflected most of the people’s warming attitude. Most of the people who I took pictures of wished me good luck on my photo essay project and that gave me a lot of encouragement. Overall I learned a lot of life skills from this experience. Life does not always turn out the way you expect it, and sometimes you have to do things you would normally not do. However if you overcome these challenges, you become a wiser person.


Passion: Down Town

Passion- Reflection

For my portion of the photo essay I went downtown to the Water Tower Place to see some of Chicago’s street fashion. Downtown there was a few type of styles. There was sports clothing, casual, work clothing; suits, and dressy but not too fancy. Some people are downtown in sport clothing going to work out. When I say sports clothing I’m referring to spandex, sports bras, gym shoes, and t shirts. As for casual clothing people just wear shorts/pants and a shirt with gym shoes, and sandles. A lot of people work in offices and their attire tends to usual be men suits or lady suits so you’ll see that style downtown too. And last but not least, dressy but not too fancy street style. This type of style for females may be a dress or some nice jeans, a blouse on, some nice accessories, and wedges/sandles/flats/or boots. Males might were some nice jeans and a nice shirts with some nice shoes. There are different part of Chicago such as the west side, north side, south side, and east side.  All 4 sides of town street style becomes a big mixture downtown. You can see the stereotypical difference in their style.


Lincoln Park and Andersonville

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