New School V.S. Old School

Posted on July 12, 2012


New School
Higher education is no longer a primary factor in determining the outcome of a person’s success. “Success” defined as the ability to achieve the goal of making money and having a legitimate career in the future. Recently, education -for students- is proving to be optional; on account of all the motivation being put in by the teachers , staff members , and the parents themselves . Through tedious, and somewhat even boring classes- education is losing its hold on the attention of the youth. For those that don’t receive enough encouragement in class and at home they would find other means to get what they needed to get ahead, ultimately coming from education.
Society has always viewed the role of education in the lives of young people as an important way to establish yourself as part of society. In the eyes of society, education is primarily used as a tool to advance career wise and gain money through said advancements. When the main focus is to advance in life and gain money career wise, some students tend to stray away from the conventional way -going to college and thus becoming successful -. However, students find their way around them, leaving school behind, in search of another way to make money. Meanwhile, as education pushes tedious and repetitive courses, students will be driven away from it even more. Although education can be a very useful tool to get ahead of the game and surpass societal standards, not all who people pursue higher education prevail in life. Its more than possible to thrive in life without a higher education.
There is a common belief that most people who go to college have overall better lives financially. However, there is always that o f the U.S population are the music artists , writers, painters and some people receive financial success through fame and fortune. People like to believe that if people don’t go to college they end up in minimum wage jobs which lead to the feeling of failure, and that most workplaces value higher education in potential candidates, either affecting pay rates (ex. base salary for teachers with no experience is $50,000 with a bachelor’s, but $80,000 with a doctorate) or whether or not the person is hired, but that is not always the case. Not all people end up in minimum wage jobs when they do not pursue a college education. Although it could be preferable for some people, for entrepreneurs and business owners all that would be necessary would be a simple understanding of the business market and what they would be producing. Also workplaces would value a person with business experience and a high school education a lot more than a person with a high education level and no experience what-so-ever. Experience in the work area can overcome degrees a candidate working in the computer field for 20 years might be the best candidate versus a new bachelor in computer science.
Old School
Our parents and grandparents have lived through an era in american history in which high school was the bare minimum in terms of education. Times have changed, the children of today now face the new bare minimum, college . College itself provides a great social experience not to mention an intellectual experience as well. More students in America should reach out to the great institution of higher education.
About 40 years ago , the United States had an introductory industrial economy composed of average skilled workers (Texas Tribune). The requirements for the job in this economy reached out to plenty of high school graduates; Ultimately the economy relied on average skilled workers. Meanwhile, the college graduates at this time were living above average. It wasn’t until the beginning of the information age that these averaged skilled workers were decreasing in importance, yet .According to studies, the value of a high school diploma has gone down; the decline arose because there weren’t enough high school graduates out there. However, as we discover more technologies and begin to advance in our society we find that we are lacking more and more professionals in careers to go out there and continue driving forward new studies and inventions , discoveries. “states must view education reform as a key strategy for strengthening the economy. Improving educational outcomes creates a wave of economic benefits that include boosting individual earnings, home and auto sales, job and economic growth, spending and investment, and tax revenue in the state”
Education itself tells man how to work , how to learn, how to act ,etc. a “It is believed that the social experiences faced in college are different than the social experiences that are faced in high school; that they are more beneficial to the development of the individual. In college, people face more responsibilities because that are now away from the constant supervision of their parents and teachers. It’s a time to learn your limits as an individual and become more mature overall.
By: Nnenna Anosike Sebastian Rivera

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