Can everyone receive the same education within CPS?

Posted on July 10, 2012


Anthony Cruz
Daniel Manrique
Passion Matthews

Can opportunities be made fair? What is the relationship between equity and opportunity?

Education can be made fair, but in a system that has many flaws it is easier said than done. Many factors come into play when you talk about how education can be made fair, but there are unresolved issues that greatly affect the equity. Education can not be made fair due to three major issues being lack of funding, teacher attrition rates, and lack of parental involvement, which greatly affect schools and students.

Funding plays a huge role in the CPS system and in many other school systems. A large part of funding comes from the real estate taxes around the area in which the school is located. This can put the local students at a large disadvantage, due to the fact that maybe the area doesn’t have high priced homes, or the neighborhood is a low-income neighborhood, therefore the school does not get enough funding to provide for all the students. The CPS system also gets funding from the state government, and the amount of money that each school district gets is determined by: number of students, the special needs of the district, household income levels, and many other factors. Not all schools get the same amount of government funding, and this may lead to some schools not offering programs, like after school programs, or music programs etc.

In any school system, teachers play a huge role. Teachers in some cases aren’t prepared to tackle the profession. Some teachers are not taking control of their jobs. Some teachers simply don’t care for some students who aren’t focused and ready for school example the kid who misbehaves or the kid who constantly forgets materials needed for the class. Also some teachers are not ready to be teaching in any school system due to the fact that they think that it is an easy profession and when they actually begin working and doing things in the field they find it overwhelming, that is why most new teachers quit their job within five years. New teachers also aren’t ready to teach because they usually come in when other teachers retire or for some reason need to leave and not necessarily are ready to teach. These issues greatly affect the education of students, since the teachers they are presented with change throughout their time in school and the students don’t learn at the same pace.

In recent years, studies have shown that parental involvement in their child’s education is also waning. Nowadays a lot of parents don’t really know what is going on with their child’s education or their school, and some don’t even visit the school until their child gets in trouble. Teenagers that have parents that are greatly involved with their education have shown to have better attendance, higher graduation rates, higher grade point averages, and higher standardized test scores. Researchers find that some parents aren’t involved with their child’s education because of conflicting schedules, language barriers, or lack of transportation. Another aspect researchers noticed was that some parents are not involved with their child’s education because they themselves did not like to be in a school environment and do not want to go back into one. If parents aren’t involved and they don’t push their child to strive for more who will?

Those are only some of the issues that trouble the CPS system, there are many more that still need to be resolved. Until these issues are resolved the education system can not be labeled as fair, because not all the students CPS wide will be offered the same opportunities. Its going to take more than one voice being heard, there is big steps we need to take. There is one problem that stand in the way because we are already in debt so America needs to get their things straight with other countries. If these problems don’t get resolved this will affect the future of students, teachers and parents in CPS.

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