Causes and Solutions of Teen Pregnancy

Posted on December 7, 2011


Do you think that teen pregnancy happens purposely or not meant to happen? Many people think that teens try to get pregnant when that is not always the case. There are many different ways that can cause teen pregnancy. One way, is that schools and parents are lacking to educate their kids and they should try to give out more sources. Another way is that the media influence teen’s lifestyle; they should try posting more positive things for teens to look up to. Last but not least is peer pressure from their friends in which teens should seek out advice to make the right decision. Teen pregnancy can be caused by lack of sex education, the media, and peer pressure.

Teen Pregnancy happens more often nowadays because of lack of sex education. One reason is that schools are lacking on giving teens a lot of information about sex. Schools aren’t giving out enough resources for teens to be proficient with sex education. Many schools don’t really focus on that topic it’s understandable because sex does not have much about academics. Although, this topic should not be left out because talking to your kids about sex can influence their lifestyle. Some teens learn about sex out in the streets which is bad because the streets are mostly educate kids to have sex. Also, some teens feel that it’s an embarrassing topic to talk to their parents, so they never bring the topic up. Teens should not be ashamed or afraid to talk to their parents about sex; if anything the parents can educate their children about sex to make good decisions that will impact their children. No parent wants to come to find out that their child is pregnant or got someone pregnant. That is why it’s a good and wise choice to educate teens about sex and preventing teen pregnancy. The solution to this problem is that parents and schools should try to educate their children with my more facts about sex, so that they can prevent teen pregnancy.

Also, the media has an impact on how teens view their lives by influencing them with different kinds of lifestyle. Teens can easily be brainwashed by the media thinking that what they see in the media may be always good, when that is not always true. TV shows like “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom” encourage teens thinking that teenage pregnancy is okay.  Moreover, the media have plenty of shows that involve sex, which teens may find interesting. This may lead to teenagers wanting to experiment on how sex is, which may involve teenage pregnancy if not careful. The media encourages teens wanting to experiment on things that parents would’ve hope that their children should’ve waited. Also, the media influence things on what they think is up to style or not. The media should put up more educational shows to influence teens to do something with their lives for the future.

Does Peer pressure effect a lot of teens dealing with pregnancies? Most of it has to do with your friends or the people you hang around with. Most teens like to brag about what they’ve done. So that encourages other teens to do the same thing; other times they want to fit in. Most boys get peer pressure into having sex before they’re even ready. But, on the other hand it’s not always their fault. They just have curious minds and have wonders. Another thing that might pressure you in to having sex would probably be your hormones. This is the stage when you can’t control them. Other thing is the feeling of being pressured to satisfy your partner in a relationship, so they won’t feel rejected. They feel like they’re not good enough which could lead to depression. In order to resist peer pressure, more adults should seek out to teens to help them make more healthy decisions about sex, so that they can prevent teen pregnancy.

Teens get influence by many things in society whether it may be good or bad. Parents should help teens on making responsible decisions about sex because it will help teens make wiser choices which may impact their future. Also, teenagers should not let their friends decide on if they should or should not have sex because this may cause an unwanted pregnancy. Teens should not get brainwashed based on what the media is showing. Teen pregnancy is preventable, there are safe ways to have sex without the fears of getting pregnant.

By, Denise Guillen and Raul Martinez

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