Hamdalat’s College Advice

Posted on November 8, 2011


  When I was younger, college hardly crossed my mind. Why? Because I looked up to my older siblings, and they didn’t really take school seriously, so I felt I shouldn’t either. My brother ended up graduating from school 2 years later then he was supposed to- and that’s when it hit me. Would I be just like him? I decided to take a turn, as I entered high school, and I’ve been putting my education first. Now I am a senior at Uplift school, and we are in college readiness mode. We’ve been applying for colleges, as well as scholarships almost every other day. I hate to be the one to say this- but this is probably the most stressful part of senior year.

You have to get teacher recommendations, keep up with your transcripts, type and edit personal statements… you basically have no time to rest. BUT it doesn’t have to be as stressful to you, as it was to me. All you have to do is start this whole process early. Start writing your personal statements your junior year and have as many people as you can edit it. Make sure you write about things that apply to your life- and that’ll catch someone’s eye, and making them want to read even more.  Start your college applications in the summer, so that when school starts you’ll be ahead of the game. I wish I would have started mine at least 3 weeks prior to school starting- that way I wouldn’t be as busy as I am now.

Maintain your GPA and your grades to the best of your ability- it’ll definitely help you in the long run. Teachers always stress the importance of keeping your GPA up. If you make one little mistake in one class, it can affect your whole GPA, and bring it down. You can keep your grade point average up by listening in class, and being on top of your grades. Also, it’s best not to catch a case of senioritis too early in the year, because that’ll definitely affect your college apps.  Another thing that you can do is communicate with your counselors because your college life is in their hands… literally. Make sure you are up to date on any applications you have submitted through them.

It is tough to apply to colleges, I won’t lie about that. But that’s not the toughest part. The toughest part about the college preparation process is applying for SCHOLARSHIPS. I will pass my knowledge on to you about this one, MAKE SURE THAT IS YOUR FIRST PRIORITY WHEN APPLYING FOR COLLEGES. Yes, once you’re accepted to a college of your choice, you can celebrate and all that great stuff. But you also have to think about how you’re going to pay for it. This is all good things to put in your head before you start your college process.



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