Stepping into junior life

Posted on November 8, 2011


What’s up, everyone? We are the YAB (youth advisory board)and we want to talk to you about getting ready for college. We all know planning for college starts during junior year with the ACT, and despite what you’ve heard, it’s not that scary to worry about. Don’t stress too much about getting a high score, although it makes you look good, its not the only thing colleges look at. There’s lots of information teens can be provided with to get them college ready.

Here is some advice from us to you.

My life as a current junior

My name is Brittany Carter and I am currently a junior at Von Steuben high school. Throughout my first two years of high school my teachers have let us known that junior year is one of the most important years of high school. Which is true in a way but in reality all your high schools years are important.

The BIGGEST thing about your junior year is the ACT. Why? The ACT is important because it’s a standardized test based on the things you learned throughout the course of your school years, and the score you get on the test is a way that people believe that determines the type of colleges you can get in. If you have a good score you can get into a more selective college vs. if you don’t have a high score, you probably wouldn’t get into a college that is selective. But is there really such a thing as a BAD college?  And as an incoming junior or current junior you may want to think about the college you go and do a lot of research about the college.

As a junior some of the things that I am doing to help me get prepared for the ACT are asking my counselors some tips that I would have to know about the ACT and even ask her how to prepare for the ACT. I asked different people how were there junior year and what they did to help them, and I got the same results as the others was giving like stay focus take it seriously when you think about taking your ACT test think about what colleges you want  to go to . A lot of studying and taking practice tests can help you also prepare for the ACT.

Tips that can help juniors and upcoming junior

  • Make sure you have a lot of dedicated time to go over your mistakes and learn new things
  • Make sure your grades is up to par( a passing grade )
  • Don’t pressure your self until the point that all you think of is the ACT
  • Leadership can help you as will as encouragement(someone  who can support you and help you accomplishment the things you want .if you don’t have leadership who can really lead you meaning guiding you to the right direction
  • Pace yourself

And now you will be hearing from seniors and college students…..

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