Christinah’s Advice about College!

Posted on November 8, 2011


Christinah O.

Hey yall, WATS up? My name is Christinah and I’m a senior at uplift high school. Going into senior year, I thought that it would be the most difficult part of high school EVER. Why? Because I thought that applying for colleges and scholarships would be the hardest things in the world. Now that I’ve applied to five schools I can honestly say that it was “a piece of cake.”

 I had in mind that I wanted to get accepted into a lot of good schools. What I mean by a good school is a school that has my major and also a school that’s not too big or too small. I knew that I would have to start somewhere, so I decided to start by researching school that met my requirements, which was having my major and being the “right size” for me. Once I started I totally forgot that I was applying for college. Since I decided to do all my applications online, once I sat down and began that application, it just felt so easy. I did all the applications that didn’t require essays first and once those were done I was able to have more time to do the applications that did require essays. By prioritizing these applications, I was able to complete five in no time. That’s how easy it was.

I think applying for colleges would be a lot easier if you apply to schools that don’t require essay’s first. It’ll also be a lot easier if you already have your personal statement before senior year so all you have to do is proof-read and edit. Aside from having a structure I also had a lot of help. I am able to be this far in my college applications because of the help of my school counselor. My school counselor helped me by showing me the correct way to do an application, helping me with my personal statement, telling me about upcoming college fairs and last and most certainly not least helping me find scholarships.

 I can honestly say that the toughest part of applying for schools is not really the applying part, but it is definitely the finding scholarships part. “GETTING MONEY.” I am in that process now and I’m so scared about not getting any money, but with the help of my counselor I believe that I’m going to walk out of high school with some money for college. He is the reason I even know about the bill gates scholarship, which is a full ride to any school of your choice. How awesome is that! I feel that my first year of college will be a breeze because of all the help I’ve received from my counselor and all the help I’ve received from actual college students. The benefits of asking a college student questions about their college experience is that they tell you what it is to expect, who to go to when you need help, and how to build a relationship with your advisor. This makes me feel at ease about what my first experience would be like. NOW my mission is to help other students be prepared for college.

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